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title: you've got the love
type: fanfic
rating: pg- 13
summary: nate and serena missing moments- i’ll be writing one for each episode of gossip girl seasons one and two. this one shot takes place after blair and serena’s show down on the steps. title from the song of the same name by *florence and the machine.* please take the time to review- feedback is the best thing for an author.her fingers ball into fist at her sides, because looking at him now as he leans against the brick wall of their school makes her want to hug him, still.
- )
21 March 2009 @ 01:56 pm

title: caramel- nate/vanessa
type: fanfic
notes: this is for abvj abvj</lj>and it's part of the new Gossip Girl series I'm starting entitled Freshly Ground Heaven.

summary: Spanning time, distances and heartbreaks. Our favorite New Yorkers contemplate life, love and sex over a cup of coffee.

disclaimer: All the characters are the property of the CW and Cecily. This is merely my own wild imagination.

Coffee, chocolate, men. Some things are best rich.Collapse )
26 February 2009 @ 11:05 pm
title: the curtain calls
type: fanfic
notes: this is for martyr4mylove4u. The prompt was- Chuck/Blair (of course)

"She keeps her shoes lined up by color, from red to purple, and her books alphabetically by author.

He tracks through her world, cigarette smoke and scotch at his side, leaving everything in disorder.

She never can quite care."


because things don't always resumeCollapse )
19 February 2009 @ 08:23 pm

title: my turn to say goodbye
type: poetry
rating: pg
notes: this was written using "write or die" as recommended by ava_leigh_fitz

for Andrew.

your tapered legs still tangled in mineCollapse )


12 February 2009 @ 05:21 pm

title: passport of indiscretions
type: original story
rating: mild r for suggestive content
notes: this is my first story with original characters so I need feedback. It's not a very well worked out piece (it's more of a sketch than anything else,I suppose) but I'd like to know if you think it has potential or not. Also, it isnt for those who shy away from shady corners. There is possibly implied incest.
Also- if dedications are in order then this one is for [info]falseeeyelashes
 because I finished my story mere minutes after reading some of her work. 



this is most certainly not a novelCollapse )
10 February 2009 @ 04:47 pm

Dearest f-list. I have a favour to ask all of you.

 I've written something and I dont know where to post it. It's rpf. Ed/Leighton rpf to be specific. Have you any reccomendations? Will Gossip Girl sites allow it?

 For those of you who didnt catch it earlier, I introduced myself and declared my intenitons towards this journal and all of you in the post directly preceeding this one. I'd love it if you read that. Please?
 I'm the sort of person that would really like to get to know all her lj friends and this wont work until we all introduce ourselves and talk things over, non?

title: fuck you and the horse you rode in on
type: rpf
pairing: ed/leighton, leighton/sebastian
rating: mild r

a rollercoaster ride to hell won't sound so bad if you're on it, tooCollapse )